About Us Interior Ink, A Parallax Brand

With over twenty years of experience and the latest printing technology, Interior Ink is here to help make custom the NEW standard.

Interior Ink specializes in custom printed interior décor for bespoke applications in the architectural, commercial, and residential design communities. We create signature spaces that help connect the viewer to branded environments or for stimulating visual interiors. Most of our products are eco-friendly and provide energy-saving benefits including reduced utility costs. Whether it is retail, hospitality, or contract design projects, Interior Ink provides sustainable products that will meet or exceed your visual and quality expectations.  Interior Ink utilizes cutting edge printing processes with expert finishing to deliver the highest quality products and services. Our services include design assistance, project management, personal quality inspection as well as hardware and installation. We handle as much or as little as your project requires with friendly quick turn times.

For projects that require installation assistance, we offer full turnkey services with certified installation professionals nationally. Feel assured your vision will be completed by competent professionals, timely and economically. For questions or inquiries on installation services please contact us by email or phone at 770-874-8500.

*Local and Nationwide Services are available

*Orders exceeding $150 will receive free standard shipping, expedited services available